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Alauddin Construction

Home Construction & Renovation

Alauddin construction company is a licensed contractor in Brooklyn, New York. We’re specialized in all types of home improvements and renovations. It includes both interior and exterior.

Thank you so much for a great experience and your attention to the details. I was truly impressed with what we got for our money!

— Julie Smith
Residential Construction

We are Specialized

Interior Services

This involves planning and designing the overall layout, color schemes, materials, and furnishings to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space.

Exterior Services

This involves applying paint or protective coatings to the exterior surfaces of the building, including walls, doors, windows, trims, and other architectural features.

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About Alauddin Construction Company

Alauddin Construction Company is a licensed general contractor in New York with over 20 years of experience covering all the five boroughs- Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan. We’re specialized in all types of home improvements and renovations. It includes both interior and exterior.Exterior includes Brick Work, Block Work, Cement Work, Steps, Sidewalk, Driveway, Pavers, Stone, Tiles, Steam Cleaning, Brick Pointing, Balusters, Railing, Patio, Porches, Gutters, Siding, Stucco, Thorocoat, Thoroseal, Fences, Water proofing, all kinds of roofing and masonry. Interior includes Carpentry, Painting, Plastering, Sheetrock, Full Renovation, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, Extensions, Wood Decks, Plumbing.

Home Construction & Renovation

General Contractor:- Exterior & Interior

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Over 20 Years
of Experience

Home renovation and general contracting

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Make your House beautiful and attractive with Brick Works

A new brick work is a great investment in your home which makes your house nice looking and increases your home value at the same time. With Alauddin construction you will get that done in an affordable price. Our experts work quickly and efficiently, which saves time and money. Quality work guaranteed!!!


Brick work

Block work





Alauddin Construction

Getting a New Roof is Less Expensive Than You Think

A new roof is a great investment in your home, and with us, it’s even more affordable. Our experts work quickly and efficiently, which saves time and money.
Professional Staff

Renovation and general contracting typically consists of skilled individuals with expertise in various trades and roles.


They are seen as dependable, credible, and capable of maintaining confidentiality and fulfilling their commitments.

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What our customers say

We really can’t say enough about how great it was using the Alauddin Construction service.

Alauddin constructer is very friendly and have knowladge staff. They start early and work hard all day to get the work done. would definitely recommend them to others
Christopher Stephens
Very good contractor, good communication, fast and efficient. Do job on time and on budget. I recommend them for all your roofing needs
This is the second time we've used Alauddin constructor for roof repair, and the service and response is impeccable. Most importantly, they are fairly priced where we've seen other company's try to charge exorbitant fees. Thank You!